Sunday, January 30, 2011

2 Santas listed on e-bay

My 2 Santas from the last post have been listed on e-bay.  They are so adorable. Please come check them out!

The elves have decorated Santa's Rolls Royce with tinsel and a wreath, and he has decided to take it for a spin to deliver a few toys.  

Here is the link

For tonights delivery, Santa is taking his faithful donkey Francis.  

Here is the link for this fellow.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Santa and the act of giving

It's a whopping - 3.7 degrees here in Boston today. Yes I did say MINUS 3.7!!  Chilly!  That is not why I am talking about Santa.  I'm here to show you my latest creations.  Altho I do wish I had a warm Santa type coat to wear today.  

The Spirit of Santa is something that should be remembered all year round.  It is a good feeling to give to others.  This gift doesn't always have to be something you can hold in your hands.  Another type gift comes from the heart.   

Santa driving a Rolls Royce

In these cold winter days, when all the holidays are over, and life is kind of waiting for the next event, surprise someone and give a gift.  This can be a kind word to someone standing in line at the store, or help a neighbor, make cookies for someone. 

Santa is about 4.5" tall.

Call a friend you haven't spoken to in a long time, as sometimes we forget the joy of hearing someones voice and expressions rather than just reading an e-mail.  A true gift is giving something without expecting anything in return.  

The bunny is checking to be sure everything in is place,  Can he see there is a toy snowman trying to sneak out of the bag?
 Take some time today and try to give a gift of your heart.  Maybe your small act of kindness might change someone else's day.

Santa riding his faithful donkey to deliver gifts.

Santa has a beard made from sheep wool still on the hide.  His coat is trimmed in vintage mink.

Santa's backpack filled with gifts.  Included is a hand molded bunny and a vintage German head doll.

Santa is 7.5 " to the top of his hood.

Santas- These will be appearing on e-bay shortly.  They were both great fun to create.  I hope you like them.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Highly Prized

I'm involved with the Sketchbook Challenge and the theme for January is something that is Highly Prized.There are many things in my life that are important to me.  I really had no idea what I wanted to do or what medium best represented what I wanted to say.
A sneak peek!

 Friday, my friend Roberta invited me over to her house to create our sketches for the challenge.  Ok, I guess that solved the problem on what medium to use.  While remembering my sketchbook, I forgot all my pencils.  Luckily Roberta is willing to share.  I got to try her Derwent Water Soluble Sketching Pencils.  These are very cool pencils, as after sketching, I used a water brush to smudge the lines.  I feel it made my sketches complete.

I haven't sketched in a long time, but figured I'd do this and see what would happen.  I am a fast sketcher and a noisy one.  Usually when sketching, people look at me and wonder what I am doing with that pencil to create such a racket ( scratch scratch sketch scratch scratch scratch sketch scratch).  Now multiply that by 10 minutes worth of sketching!  You get the idea.

Here are the 2 sketches I made.  I must admit, they are both done from memory, fast and each took less than 10 minutes.   I also used a technique I learned from the book Creative Illustration Workshop by Katherine Dunn.  I love her work.  She is so whimsical and yet still to the point.

This is highly prized #1, walking my puppy Penny.  I really enjoy the times we are out in nature, in all sorts of weather.   On this adventure we were greeted by a cat in the tree, as we walked along our path.

Highly Prized #2.  Penny is a very affectionate puppy.  She loves to give kisses which brought to mind that she needed to open a kissing booth.  Altho now that I look at the sketch, Penny would probably want a dog cookie for payment more than 10 cents.

This exercise was a great experience as it reminded me how much I really love to sketch.  Also that I like to make up stories to go with sketch.  I hope to add more this month.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My secret obsession

Anyone who knows me and has been to my home knows this.  It is not a secret.  I really am not trying to hide anything.  At this time of year it can all be explained.  Only when people are around in April, or June, or even September, they don't know what to say.  What is my obsession?  Creating Santas.  My house is, well, lets just say they are everywhere.  Ok, it is out, whew.......

Santa, waiting for his sleigh to be packed and ready for a ride.

I've loved Santa since I was a child.  I made and sold Santas when I was in High School for my extra spending money.  There were 2 sizes, small and large.  Both were sets with a Mr & Mrs.  Unfortunately I have no photos of these.  One day I saw a set for sale in a yard sale.  Kinda sad.

Next I moved onto making bigger and better Santas and sold them at local craft shows.  It was alot of fun to see which face would speak to which buyer.  My work has also been exhibited at the Wenham Doll Museum. I put away my passion  when I discovered paper arts after 9/11.  Now it has resurfaced again.
Those Crazy Elves!  Harry "borrowed" one of Santas toy race cars to help deliver the mail with his brother Henry.  Then Irving jumped on the back as he didn't want to be left behind!  Wait until Santa finds out what those crazy elves are up to this time.

I will be showing more of my Santas and friends, as the list does include bunnies and elves.  Lately they have come back to life to tell their stories.  And I can't argue with Santa or the elves, as they can be loud!

Here is a parting shot of the sextuplets wishing you all a Happy New Year!!  Soon they will all be bundled up and going their separate ways!
"Happy New Year!!"  squeals six little voices.  

Happy New Year from me too.