Monday, January 24, 2011

Santa and the act of giving

It's a whopping - 3.7 degrees here in Boston today. Yes I did say MINUS 3.7!!  Chilly!  That is not why I am talking about Santa.  I'm here to show you my latest creations.  Altho I do wish I had a warm Santa type coat to wear today.  

The Spirit of Santa is something that should be remembered all year round.  It is a good feeling to give to others.  This gift doesn't always have to be something you can hold in your hands.  Another type gift comes from the heart.   

Santa driving a Rolls Royce

In these cold winter days, when all the holidays are over, and life is kind of waiting for the next event, surprise someone and give a gift.  This can be a kind word to someone standing in line at the store, or help a neighbor, make cookies for someone. 

Santa is about 4.5" tall.

Call a friend you haven't spoken to in a long time, as sometimes we forget the joy of hearing someones voice and expressions rather than just reading an e-mail.  A true gift is giving something without expecting anything in return.  

The bunny is checking to be sure everything in is place,  Can he see there is a toy snowman trying to sneak out of the bag?
 Take some time today and try to give a gift of your heart.  Maybe your small act of kindness might change someone else's day.

Santa riding his faithful donkey to deliver gifts.

Santa has a beard made from sheep wool still on the hide.  His coat is trimmed in vintage mink.

Santa's backpack filled with gifts.  Included is a hand molded bunny and a vintage German head doll.

Santa is 7.5 " to the top of his hood.

Santas- These will be appearing on e-bay shortly.  They were both great fun to create.  I hope you like them.

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  1. Hey Lee
    Love your new Santa creations!!!!! Chilly huh? So try 14 below on if you think minus 3 is really that cold. VBG!!!!!! Stay Warm.