Sunday, January 9, 2011

Highly Prized

I'm involved with the Sketchbook Challenge and the theme for January is something that is Highly Prized.There are many things in my life that are important to me.  I really had no idea what I wanted to do or what medium best represented what I wanted to say.
A sneak peek!

 Friday, my friend Roberta invited me over to her house to create our sketches for the challenge.  Ok, I guess that solved the problem on what medium to use.  While remembering my sketchbook, I forgot all my pencils.  Luckily Roberta is willing to share.  I got to try her Derwent Water Soluble Sketching Pencils.  These are very cool pencils, as after sketching, I used a water brush to smudge the lines.  I feel it made my sketches complete.

I haven't sketched in a long time, but figured I'd do this and see what would happen.  I am a fast sketcher and a noisy one.  Usually when sketching, people look at me and wonder what I am doing with that pencil to create such a racket ( scratch scratch sketch scratch scratch scratch sketch scratch).  Now multiply that by 10 minutes worth of sketching!  You get the idea.

Here are the 2 sketches I made.  I must admit, they are both done from memory, fast and each took less than 10 minutes.   I also used a technique I learned from the book Creative Illustration Workshop by Katherine Dunn.  I love her work.  She is so whimsical and yet still to the point.

This is highly prized #1, walking my puppy Penny.  I really enjoy the times we are out in nature, in all sorts of weather.   On this adventure we were greeted by a cat in the tree, as we walked along our path.

Highly Prized #2.  Penny is a very affectionate puppy.  She loves to give kisses which brought to mind that she needed to open a kissing booth.  Altho now that I look at the sketch, Penny would probably want a dog cookie for payment more than 10 cents.

This exercise was a great experience as it reminded me how much I really love to sketch.  Also that I like to make up stories to go with sketch.  I hope to add more this month.

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  1. Lee, these are fantastic. I love the one of you walking Penny. Really, really good stuff.