Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bunny Girl

I'm still here.  Working slowly, a bit too slowly.  Things are changing and I am getting ready for the changes.
This is Bunny Girl.  She is made with a Vintage Bonnet Head German doll head dug from the ruins of the doll factories in Germany.  I added a cloth body and molded hands and feet.

Isn't she sweet dressed in vintage lace.

Bunny girl measures about 6" tall.  The entire piece is 9.5"tall  x 6" wide.

She is riding a treasure of mine that has been repainted and a wood base was added.  She is ready to be adopted on e-bay this week.  
My seller name is lel2952.  She is listed along with a few of her friends.

I love working with these vintage doll heads that have been underground for so many years.  Each one speaks to me, asking to be made into a doll to be put back out there into the world for someone to cherish.  

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  1. Hi Lee!
    Lovely things you have here!!
    I just wanted to drop by and say hello and to let you know that your in the hat for my drawing and to thank you for participating in my fun!