Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chinese Tea

Creating these 9 RODs for my friends has me thinking alot about China.  It was an amazing experience and I feel the need to start sharing bits and pieces with the world.  Or you 5 people who are reading my blog.

Anyway today I decided to treat myself and have some of the Chinese Tea I purchased while over there.
We were in Xi'an and at one of the stops visited a Tea House.  If I remember correctly it was at the TerraCotta warriors.  

A beautiful Chinese girl ( she looked so young) performed a proper Tea ceremony for us.  I'm a tea drinker and it was wonderful for me.  Of course I knew she was only doing this to sell us teas. 

It was interesting to see how they prepare tea in China.  First she poured the tea thru the leaves to wash them and threw the water away.  Then she poured more water thru the strainer and it was tea.  No steeping for 2 + minutes as I usually do.  We were all given little cups to try the teas.  She used a terracotta pot for a few teas to give them a different flavor, which is what she is holding in the photo.

This morning I got to dream I was in China again.  I got out my special tea and realized I had no idea how to prepare it.  I have been drinking loose leaf for years and know certain teas have to be made certain ways or they are no good.  This was a special tea, a green tea, from a foreign land, how was it made?  It is called Dragon well.  I googled it hoping to find something.  And to my surprise I found it is a popular tea, available right here in my own backyard at Teavana!  ARGH!!  Here I thought I had something rare!  
Anyway, at least I know when my stash is gone, I can buy more.  It is GOOD!

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