Sunday, December 5, 2010

Finished China RODs!!

YES!!  I did it!!  I created 9 RODs in 4 days.  It's a miracle!  It was so much fun.  I hope the recipients will love them as much as I do.

In June I was fortunate enough to travel to China with a group of 11 other people for 2 weeks.  It was an amazing adventure.  I think about China every day.  

Monday Dec 6th we are having a reunion as we have not seen each other since.  I  have made these books as a surprise for my friends, hoping they will use them to store their precious memories and treasures they picked up along the way.

The books are small, 6" x 6".  The outside is a red Chinese brocade with green dragons.  Inside is a print with Chinese characters.  I also added a plastic pocket.
I'm a bit nervous giving these as gifts, as I don't know how they will be received.  
Check out my flickr site for more photos.


  1. Awesome Lee. Love the inside fabric too. It's very cool. These look so yummy.

  2. These are absolutely wonderful. If they are not received well by someone I would be happy to claim that one for my own. I don't care if I am not in the photos - I'll digitally insert myself and pretend that it was MY trip of a lifetime. What a great treasure! You are a fantastic travel companion.

  3. this is the most delightful
    gift you could give anyone

  4. I love these China ROD journals, your friends are going to be amazed and so pleased to have one of these treasures for their memories!