Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa time!

Santa time is getting closer.  I was inspired to today to create a Santa collage.  Ok, I admit, I had dreams of making many of these and sending them out as Christmas cards.  But as usual, here it is Dec 14th and I just made the first one.  Here is the finished card...or is it a quiltie? I'm not sure what to call it?

The photo is one of my handmade Santa Candy Containers that I photoshopped.  
Here is the original photo and then what it looks like after I did some magic.

I took the photo and printed it out on Inkjet cotton to make it look cool.  I figured I had seen others take photos and make them into fabric collages, how hard could it be?  I could whip out 10 of these in an afternoon and send them to special friends.  HA! It is more difficult than it looks.  Or maybe I am just too picky.

It took quite a while to come up with the perfect combination of fabrics and trims.  I will also add a ribbon at the top so the recipient can hang this in their home.  I hope she likes it!

Tomorrow I will try this again using one of my Elves.  

And also do a few more Santas.  They were fun.
Here is the Santa Candy Container I made.  He holds a antique broken doll from Germany which I repaired and a dog I molded from one of the broken German dog figurines. 

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